See How BunkTrunk Makes College Easy


Space and security is not a problem when you have BunkTrunk.Living on campus or even in your room at home things may feel a little unsafe or tight-knit. Specifically for college students, there are a lot of valuable items that you keep in your dorm such as laptops, phones, cameras, and even sometimes your wallet/purse just lying around. BunkTrunk puts all of your worries away as it has a built-in digital lock where you can secure all of your valuable items in.


Not only does it have a built-in lock but it transforms into a nightstand for your TV when you want to binge watch on Netflix. This product also can reduce the space on your beauty vanity and also your dorm-room dresser. For most college students, dormitory rooms are not as big as they show them in movies. Having BunkTrunk creates more space as you can store any items you want in it.


Studying feels way more comfortable lying on your bed but then your body begins to ache for slouching down to read your book. BunkTrunk makes it a lot easier for you. It also turns a mini-study desk. Why go to the library if you have BunkTrunk? It gets even better, if your battery is running low on your laptop or phone, do not worry, BunkTrunk has a UL Approved power cable. Meaning it has a cord connected to the product that lets you plug in any items you would like.

If you would like to learn more of what the BunkTrunk has to offer, check out their website here!