Namaste Your Way, with Glitter’s Guide to Yoga Essentials

Glitter has what you need to kick start the new season into a zen-filled ‘live your best life’ straight mood, with our top yoga essentials list curated by our team of editors. Get to know what clothes rock right now, the best picks in yoga mats, essential oil sprays, diffusers, and organic skincare products as well as the best in totes and bags. Find out more below on which brands and products made our essentials list.

It all starts with a great mat. You need to feel supported because slipping during a Chaturanga Dandasana is not an option. Check out some of our favorite mats below, that will not only support you but have you feeling amazing with their vibrant colors and patterns.

Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm in Jubilee/Vintage Plum ($68)

Lululemon is a classic when it comes to all things yoga so it’s no surprise that their yoga mats are amongst our favorites, particularly the Lululemon Reversible Mat 5mm in Jubilee/Vintage Plum. It is specifically designed to help give you added comfort during those tough yoga poses.

Lululemon The Reversible Mat at 5mm in Jubilee/Vintage Plum ($68)

Not only does the mat have a rubber base to give you enough grip to avoid sliding but it also has antimicrobial properties so that you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew while working up a sweat. It’s perfect for the Hot Power Fusion class at Core Power Yoga, where temperatures can reach 93-103 degrees with added humidity.

Sugarmat Yoga Mat in Whimsy Tropic Leaf ($69)

Another Glitter favorite is the Sugarmat Yoga Mat, particularly in the Whimsy Tropic Leaf print. This mat is the ultimate luxury. It is created with synthetic suede and can be customized to include a personalized monogram. The suede is very absorbent so that no matter how much you sweat, you won’t slip. Not only does this mat provide extra cushion for all of your joints, which is important when trying to do complex poses, but it is also eco-friendly. You can be completely at peace during your yoga class knowing that your purchase isn’t contributing to any emissions.

Sugarmat Yoga Mat in Love Affair ($69)

If you are looking to combine art with yoga, the Sugarmat Yoga Mat in Love Affair is unbeatable. It features the beautiful abstract art of Contemporary Artist Julia Contacessi.

Sugarmat Yoga Mat in Love Affair ($69)

Its pink shades and mesmerizing gold accents will have everyone asking, “Where did you get your mat?” You won’t have to worry about the color fading away, as its water-based inks prevent it from wearing out.

Sugarmat Travel Mat in Tropical Leaf ($69)

The Sugarmat Travel Mat is also available for those on the go. It is lighter than the average mat but has the durability and no-slip rubber to keep it in place. It also comes in a beautiful pink pouch. The travel mat comes in 5 different designs: Tropical Leaf, Dreamcatcher Blue, Dreamcatcher Red, Love Affair, and Rose.

Lululemon All The Right Places Pant II 28″ White ($128)

Spice up your wardrobe with some of the best brands that are not only flattering, but they move with you gracefully through each position. Lululemon has amazing tops, bras, and leggings in a wide assortment of colors. Check out their high-rise All The Right Places Pant II 28″ in white with zoned compression to keep you supported in all the right places. They also boast four-way stretch Full-On® Luxtreme fabric which is sweat-wicking. So you can check off the boxes for support, a great look, performance, and a sleek fit.

Ivysister Georgia Sports Bra ($54.83)

Ivysister is another great activewear brand that has high-quality bras and leggings. They also carry bodysuits and intimates so you can show off that yoga figure just for you. Check out their Georgia Sports Bra and matching leggings. We love the supportive band in the back with their signature logo. Overall their pieces feel amazing and have a great supportive stretch without feeling bulky.

Spiritual Gangster Striped Shakti Bra ($39)

Spiritual Gangster is all about positivity and peace of mind, which is part of what makes it a great athletic brand. The Striped Shakti Bra in the color Tulip is amongst our favorites for its super soft and comfortable cotton feel. It provides the support needed to dominate your morning yoga. Not only is it perfect for athletic activities but it is so stylish that it is also perfect for running errands or simply lounging at home.

Spiritual Gangster Sporty High Waist Leggings ($69)

Pair the bra with Spiritual Gangster’s Sporty High Waist Leggings for a bold and chic athleisure outfit. The leggings are a hybrid of joggers and leggings and we can’t get enough.

Spiritual Gangster Sunset Tie Dye Reversible Active Bra ($39) and Tie Dye High Waist 7/8 Legging ($79)

Another must buy from the brand is the Sunset Tie Dye Reversible Active Bra. It is designed to be able to be super versatile in terms of style and coverage. You can either wear it with a cute knot in the front for a plunging neckline or reverse it for a little more coverage. When you pair the bra with the Tie Dye High Waist 7/8 Legging, it creates a flattering set.

Spiritual Gangster Choose Happiness Active Crop Tee ($49)

Not only does Spiritual Gangster have some of the most colorful bras and leggings but it also carries active crop tops for the days when we want a little more room to move. The Choose Happiness Active Crop Tee is one that we particularly love for its positive message and its simplicity that makes it easy to pair with different bottoms.

Lululemon On My Level Tote Large 15L in Smokey Blush ($128)

Keeping everything together is in the bag. Lululemon has this soft, easy to carry shoulder tote which has tons of space and pockets for everything you need for your downward dog.

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag 1L in Carbon Dust/Black ($38)

Don’t need to carry so much? Well, try Lululemon’s Everywhere Belt Bag 1L in Carbon Dust/Black to keep your essentials secure and out of your way. There’s room for your keys, phone, wallet or anything you need for a hands-free 10-minute yoga session on the go. It’s not only great for fitness activities but is also a great, on-trend bag for going out anywhere.

Keebos iPhone Necklace Cases ($35)

If you’re someone who only carries their phone and credit card, then the Keebos iPhone Necklace Case will become your new fave accessory.

Keebos iPhone Necklace Case ($35)

It can be used as a lanyard or as a crossbody. It will guarantee that your phone is always within reach without getting in your way.

Keebos iPhone Necklace Case ($35)

Keeping your senses in balance is an important part of meditating and doing yoga. Keep your yoga mat smelling fresh even after working a sweat with Saje Natural Wellness Yoga Freshening Mat Spray. We literally had other yogis coming up to us to compliment the scent.

Saje Natural Wellness Yoga Freshening Mat Spray ($14.95)

Infuse your air with the vitality of nature, enhance your well being and create a soothing atmosphere by bringing the power of 100% natural essential oils into your home. The Saje Natural Wellness OM® Deluxe White is perfect for larger spaces.

Saje Natural Wellness OM® Deluxe White ($129.95)

Staying hydrated throughout yoga is essential. Finding the right water bottle has never been easier with our top two favorites. Lululemon’s Stay Hot Keep Cold Bottle is a perfect size and will keep your water icy cold and your tea hot.

Lululemon Stay Hot Keep Cold Bottle in White ($38)

The GoFiltr Starter Set includes a large water bottle and it’s another favorite. Not only is the bottle amazing with its 32oz capacity but with the addition of GoFiltr’s infusers, it is elevated to the next level. GoFiltr offers alkaline, alkaline mg, alkaline c+, and electrolyte infusers that give you more for your water.

GoFiltr Starter Set in Emerald with Alkaline Mg ($68-76)

Your meditation routine is about to become much more relaxing with the Cloth & Kind Lavender Eye Pillow. Its soothing lavender scent will help you find your zen.

Cloth & Kind Lavender Eye Pillow ($48)

Doing yoga helps the vagus nerve, which aids your emotional and physical health. In order to stimulate the vagus nerve further and help your body, be sure to combine a cat or cow yoga pose with the calming scents of lavender and chamomile with OSEA’s Vagus Nerve Oil.

OSEA Vagus Nerve Oil ($48)

Skincare can also have a great impact on your meditative mindset, which is why Soma Ayurvedic’s all-natural skincare line is a must. Their Vitamin C Serum hydrates and brightens the skin beautifully.

Soma Ayurvedic Vitamin C Serum with Citrus and Rose ($118)

Give your eyes the ultimate luxury treatment with Soma Ayurvedic’s Under Eye Gel, which reduces dark circles and puffiness for naturally luminescent eyes.

Soma Ayurvedic Under Eye Gel with Lavender, Moringa, and Avocado ($98)

To nurture your skin, the Anti Aging Cream is a new essential. Gently massage the cream on your face for a relaxing, meditative feel, especially after a long day.

Soma Ayurvedic Anti Aging Cream with Aloe Vera and Saffron ($68)

From the comfortable Lululemon and Sugarmat yoga mats, to the relaxing OSEA Vagus Nerve Oil and Soma Ayurvedic line, these essentials are the perfect splurges. With any of our favorite products, your yoga class and meditation routine will be taken to the next level.