Trump Calls Wearing a Mask ‘Patriotic’ After Mocking Biden For Wearing One

President Donald Trump has finally considered wearing a mask, two months after mocking Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for doing the same. 

More than two months after the coronavirus pandemic began spreading around the world, Trump’s relationship with wearing masks in public has been strained. On April 3, he said, “Wearing a face mask as I greet presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings, queens — I don’t know. Somehow, I don’t see it for myself.”

In May, Trump also mocked and made fun of Joe Biden for doing his part to wear a mask in public. Trump had retweeted a post by Fox News political analyst Brit Hume, who had shared a photo of Biden wearing a mask and dark sunglasses.

While Biden had been keeping safe by wearing face masks during the Memorial Day ceremony at the Delaware Memorial Bridge in Wilmington, Trump has not followed the same protocol for White House events. Now, however, he has taken the liberty to have a change of mind about them. “I’m all for masks,” Trump told Fox Business Network on July 2. “I think masks are good.” On July 11, the president finally wore a mask in public during a visit to Walter Reed Medical Center, replying, “I love masks in the appropriate locations.”

As promising as it seems for the president to be seen with a mask on, he still has not mandated the effort for others to follow. “I want people to have a certain freedom and I don’t believe in that,” he told Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

However, some political followers on social media don’t seem to take Trump’s words for finally wearing a mask in public for protection.

Hopefully, Trump and Biden obliging to wear masks for protection will persuade citizens to do the same and lessen the coronavirus spread.