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Iman Announces New Fragrance ‘Love Memoir’

Iman, one of the world's most iconic supermodels, has finally created a fragrance.

Iman, one of the world’s most iconic supermodels, has finally created a fragrance. ‘Love Memoir,’ her sweet-smelling scent, is available exclusively through HSN.

Iman, the legendary supermodel, has been in the beauty business since the 90s. Finally, in 2021, she has created a fragrance of her own titled ‘Love Memoir,’ paying tribute to her late husband, David Bowie. The model tells The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s completely a tribute to the memories and special moments I had with my husband.” Iman married the rock icon in Tuscany on April 24, 1992. The duo was blissfully married for 24 years before Bowie’s tragic passing in 2016.

Iman and Bowie had two homes where they shared their lives together: one in New York City and another in Upstate New York (their country home). Once her husband died, the model struggled to go to their country home because of their shared memories; the grief was too much. The lockdowns from the COVID-19 pandemic, however, changed things.


She reveals to THR of the countryside, “Being stuck in this beautiful landscape — we have mountains in front of us — was just transformative, I have to tell you.” She elaborates, “This landscape actually healed me. I was able to come through the other side, and now I remember our memories joyfully. It’s like 24 years of memories, and of living with somebody, you were completely infatuated with and in love with.”

The shape of ‘Love Memoir’ is inspired by Iman exploring nature. She began to stack small stones around her property as a way to calm her down; she would have never thought this would inspire a creative decision. She says, “The design is a stacking stone, and the amber part of the bottle is the color of the sunset. And the gold part — that’s the hammered gold in African jewelry.”

The hardest challenge Iman came across when crafting ‘Love Memoir” had been perfecting the scent. In an emotional interview with Hoda Kotb, Iman revealed that she has been wearing her husband’s cologne, Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, along with a necklace that reads “David” every day since his death. For this reason, Vetiver became the base of ‘Love Memoir.’ Other base scents include vanilla and patchouli. In the middle lies a rose, jasmine, and an orris root. The top features traces of bergamot, black currant, and coconut. Iman adds, “To me, it’s a fragrance that has a feminine side and has a masculine woodsy side, and that’s what I love.”

For fans of Iman and the gender-breaking icon David Bowie, you don’t want to miss your chance to secure ‘Love Memoir.’ The fragrance is available to purchase by visiting HSN’s website.