The Bahamas Bans United States Tourists From Visiting to Help Prevent Coronavirus Spread

Brent Grablachoff/Shutterstock

In an effort to prevent more coronavirus outbreaks, the Bahamas has stopped tourists from traveling from the United States.

It looks like traveling is limited away from the Bahamas for a while. Effective Wednesday, July 22, international commercial flights have been barred from entering the country. Sea vessels carrying commercial passengers are not permitted to enter, either. The only exceptions are the United Kingdom, the European Union and Canadian visitors who have tested negative. Private international flights, charters, private pleasure crafts, and yachts are also permitted to enter.

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis explained in a press release, “Our current situation demands decisive action if we are to avoid being overrun and being defeated by this virus.” He was persistent that the focus should be on “saving lives and limiting the spread of the virus.”

“The better we are at this, the more our economy could open up and people could make a living,” he spoke. Additionally, National airline, Bahamasair, has ended flights entering the US immediately. Beaches and parks are temporarily closed.

Recently, the Bahamas has had 15 new cases out of 153 cases, 49 of those cases were revealed after the country reopened its borders on July 1. Minnis also spoke with USA Today on how neighboring countries have handled the coronavirus outbreak.

“In neighboring countries, hospitals are overwhelmed and deaths are increasing. For some places it is unclear when or how they will get this virus under control,” said Minnis. He added that his country’s progress in fighting the disease can be reversed because of how citizens in other countries “are following or ignoring health guidelines.”

“Our current situation demands decisive action if we are to avoid being overrun and defeated by this virus,” Minnis said. “We cannot allow our hospitals to be overrun. Many priorities must be balanced, be they health, social and economic. Chief amongst these though is the health.”

As unfortunate as it is for travelers and tourists to be banned from the Bahamas, it is for a greater hope of reducing more virus numbers.